WHAT MAKES THE PERFECT PLANER BOARD ?  For me  it was a Planer Board that was extremely light.  A Planer Board that when your fighting the fish, you don't feel the weight of the board as your reeling the fish in.

       I began to think of ways to make a idea better.  The Planer Board which has been around for many years could be made to perform better.  The idea of a clear board fascinated me, so I began to work on a design that could be used, but be durable under all styles of fishing.  I tested many styles of Acrylic Glass.  In the end I had found a Acrylic glass that is unbreakable.  

      The foam was the next obstacle.  I did not want a foam that dented or would lose its color.  I also wanted a foam that had memory, and would not dent. I decided on white Plank Foam.  Plank Foam is highly durable and will never dent or lose its color.

       The rods used on my boards are aluminum rods that ride on two Teflon washers.  The rods are seated to the board to resist shock as the board is being pulled through the water. 

     "THE ORIGINAL CLEAR BOARD" is made in three sizes to accommodate all styles of fishing.  Planer Boards will work to catch every species of fish.  The small board works great for crappie, or when using very small light baits.  The Medium board works great for 3 to 7 inch live baits or medium diving plugs and spoons.  The larger board is the board to use when fishing large baits.  Baits in the 6 to 12 inch range or deep diving plugs.  The larger board is also the board to use when fishing heavy weights in a slow drift for bottom feeding or suspended catfish.    The Original Clear Board comes standard with "Scotty Release Clips.  The Scotty releases have a two set tension adjustment located in the back of the release.  

       Thanks for looking at the Original Clear board made be Trophy Ridge Planer Boards and Double X Tackle.  If you purchase a set and are not fully satisfied, contact me for a full refund.

       The Original Clear Boards are being used by several top guides in the Southeast.  These guides pull  these boards every day and are extremely happy with the design and durability of the boards.  You will not find a board that pulls better or is more light weight than the Original Clear Board.  Fight the Fish, Not the Board.